Haunted Places: Sorell Weed House

Haunted History of the Sorell Weed House in Savannah Georgia

The Sorell Weed House is one of the most well-known haunted houses in Savannah, Georgia, which is known for its rich history and ghostly lore. The house was built in 1835 by Charles B. Cluskey, a prominent architect in the region. However, the house is most commonly associated with its second owner, Sorell Weed.

Sorell Weed was a wealthy businessman and lawyer who lived in the house with his wife, Matilda, and their seven children. However, Weed’s life was cut short when he was murdered in the house in 1860. His killer was never caught, and many believe that his spirit still lingers in the house to this day.

There have been countless reports of paranormal activity in the Sorell Weed House over the years. Visitors have reported hearing footsteps, seeing apparitions, and feeling sudden drops in temperature. Some have even reported seeing the ghost of Sorell Weed himself, often described as a tall man wearing a top hat.

In addition to the ghost of Sorell Weed, there have been reports of other spirits in the house as well. Visitors have reported seeing the ghostly figure of a woman, believed to be Matilda Weed, in the house’s upstairs window. Others have reported hearing the sound of children’s laughter and footsteps, even though no children are present.

One of the most famous ghostly encounters in the Sorell Weed House involves a group of paranormal investigators who were conducting an investigation in the house. The investigators set up a video camera in one of the rooms and left the room to go get some equipment. When they returned, they found that the camera had been moved from its original position, even though no one had been in the room.

Today, the Sorell Weed House is a popular destination for ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts. It is open for tours, and many visitors report having their own ghostly encounters while visiting the house. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, the Sorell Weed House is a fascinating piece of Savannah’s haunted history.

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