Haunted Places: Colonial Cemetery

Colonial Cemetery is a historic cemetery located in Savannah, Georgia, that dates back to the early 18th century. The cemetery is believed to be haunted, and many people have reported seeing ghostly apparitions and experiencing paranormal activity within its grounds.

One of the most famous ghosts said to haunt Colonial Cemetery is that of Rene Asche Rondolier, a French officer who died in Savannah during the American Revolution. According to legend, Rondolier’s ghost appears as a headless soldier, roaming the cemetery in search of his lost head.

Another ghostly presence reported in the cemetery is that of a woman dressed in white, who is said to be searching for her lost love. She is often seen wandering among the graves, and some have reported hearing her weeping.

Other spirits reportedly haunting Colonial Cemetery include the ghost of a little girl who died in a tragic accident, and the spirit of a man who was hanged in the cemetery for his crimes. Visitors have also reported feeling cold spots, hearing strange noises, and feeling a general sense of unease while in the cemetery.

There are also rumors of dark and sinister activities having taken place in the cemetery, including grave robbers stealing bodies for medical research and even reports of satanic rituals being performed. However, these claims are unverified and lack evidence.

Despite its haunted reputation, Colonial Cemetery remains a popular tourist destination in Savannah, and many visitors come to experience its historic and ghostly atmosphere.

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